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    Our services including:


    • *Proposal advise
    • *Professional design
    • *Site measurements support
    • *Shop drawings
    • *Production and quality control
    • *Guaranteed deliver time & logistics
    • *Onsite Installation technical support

    One time,on budget.

    Enterprise core competence

    Engineering Case

    USA Project
    From hotel to be contemporary apartment.
    Complex with 130 units ,with modern style kitchen cabiet & wardrobe.Deliver the products on time ,on budget.
    Mexico Project
    Luxury high end apartment.
    Located at city enter.
    Our high-quality products enhance the value of the project.
    We not only provide the produt,but also the professional solution provider.
    Australia Project
    62 units apartment,we provide all the joinery,including:
    Apartment Vanity
    Apartment Robe ApartmentLaundry
    Canada Project
    67 units modern apartment
    With spacious 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom.
    Quartz countertops
    Beautiful laminate
    USA Project
    American Multiple Closet Shop
    Use the aluminum systen closet,simple and exquisite closet make shop looks brighten up.
    Malaysia Project
    Malaysia 2000 units residential
    kitchen,bathroom cabinet & TV cabinet
    32 levels housing project 2000 units divided by 4 phases.

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